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Mona Vale Specialty Coffee Cafe

People in Sydney love coming to cafes to enjoy, unwind and interact with friends in Northern Beaches. There are many reasons why people love a good specialty cafe like French Basket. Our current locations are Mona Vale, Dee Why and Sawtell in Northern Beaches of New South Wales.

Why do people love cafe so much?

Being a constant coffee consumer myself, occasionally I am put into the position to experience ingredients that are questionable for quality and authenticity. I have come to be a strong advocate of being aware of our spending when we buy our coffee. There are cafes that have put together bountiful lattes, and others that are now closed because they were not true to their customers. There are exceptional opportunities to purchase locally and support the community. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a coffee shop:

A place to relax in Northern Beaches

This is a certain space that is created by quality and a good atmosphere. A place where you can just “get away from it all” for an hour or two.

An opportunity to find new things about the local place

Many shops have exciting exhibits and displays to learn about. Some shows are geared towards an adult audience, while others are aimed at a younger demographic. You may be able to find shows with local historical or cultural landmarks.

Some coffee shop exhibits can be geared to particular interests such as cooking, painting or drawing. In other cases, they are geared to show products from the area and its regions. There are also those that have a wide selection of merchandise for you to choose from. You can include the purchasing of locally made crafts.

Specialty coffee shops in Northern Beaches can be found in two general locations. Either they are alone on the street, or they are in larger commercial centres. The street location is preferable if you are on a budget. The larger shops are filled with expensive merchandise. However, you are sure to get a good cup of coffee if you bargain hard.

If you’re in Sydney for a week, you’ll find it difficult to get bored of the typical coffee shop atmosphere. Many people will tell you that you shouldn’t drink the coffee whilst you’re there, but I beg to differ. Simply plop down in a chair, pick up a book or browse the newspaper and you’ll quickly find yourself in another world for the better. French Basket cafes in Northern Beaches have fresh breads and specialty coffee that all our customers love at first time they try!

See the delicious special menu food we serve at our Cafe in Mona Vale, NSW. Some times we have special menu, so make sure to come and visit us.

Delicious Food at Northern Beaches Cafe

Use of the internet and doing some reading or work on the side

The internet is a wonderful way to pass time while you wait for your coffee order and while you enjoy it. Either you browse aimlessly, or you converse with your friends, or you do some research, or you work for your job, using the internet in a coffee shop is very common and an excellent way to feel great combining work with pleasure.

If you live in Northern Beaches and want to experience fresh and delicious bakery with a nice choice of specialty coffee that we offer to the locals, make sure to come and visit us. Our locations can be found here.

We cannot wait to see you at French Basket Mona Vale, Dee Why and Sawtell, NSW.

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