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Sydney Croissant Cafe - French Basket

The croissant is one of the most popular of the French pastry items. You can eat them plain, with a pat of butter on them or with a jam spread. No matter how you eat them, you may be shocked to find that a lot of work goes into making the croissant taste just right. However, not all croissants are made to perfection, and you will find that some are definitely better than others. Here are some signs to look for that will help you figure out whether a croissant is perfect or not.

The Puffiness

You can probably tell whether or not a croissant is perfect or not just by looking at it. A croissant shouldn’t be flat or look stiff. It should look puffy, and you should easily be able to see that there is some air in the perfectly cooked dough. This puffiness lets you know that the croissant was made just as it should be with the dough being folded over a number of times.

The Delectable Buttery Smell

Before you bite into a croissant, you really should smell it first. If it was baked properly, your nose will be in for a real treat! A croissant can’t be perfect unless it’s made with a lot of butter, and you should easily be able to smell it. By simply smelling a croissant, you should be able to determine whether or not it’s made with enough butter.

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The Amount Of Layers In It

Perfect croissants have a lot of layers. They may have so many of them that it’s difficult to tell where one ends and another begins. All of these layers mean that your croissant is packed with flavor. The layers tend to be caused by the amount of butter used in this pastry. If you see a lot of layers in your croissant, you will know that it’s made with the right types of ingredients.

How Much It Crumbles

Eating a perfect croissant is an experience in and of itself. It should crumble quite a bit when you bite into it. Don’t worry as this isn’t a sign of it being cooked for too long. This actually means that it was baked just right. The top should be rather crunchy on the outside, and the inside should be soft and springy. Just make sure that you eat your croissant over a plate so that you can scoop of all of these crumbly pieces, and pop them into your mouth as well.

Croissant Cafe in Sydney Northern Beaches

The Love Put Into It

The characteristics mentioned above aren’t the only things that make our croissants perfect. It’s also the love that we have into providing great service for our local community. All of our croissants are imported from France, and they are baked in house in small batches. This allows you to experience the authentic taste of France right here in Sydney. See our locations.

Now that you know what to look for in the perfect croissant, do you want to try one of the best
croissants in Sydney? Come visit us to experience our unique French cafe with authentic French food, delicious pastries and specialty coffee right here in your Sydney Northern Beaches. Remember that perfect croissants don’t sit for very long, and they tend to sell out very quickly, so don’t hesitate stopping by.

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