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You may be curious about how French people enjoy their breakfast. Read on to discover that it may be very different from what you imagine because a typical French breakfast is actually quite light!

Instead of considering it the most important meal of the day, or promoting a protein-heavy meal of eggs, cheese and meat, French citizens eat a very light meal of mostly carbs and a bit of coffee to get them through the morning until their most important meal, lunch.


Fresh fruit and fruit juice are a common ingredient in the typical French breakfast. A simple plate or bowl of fresh fruit salad, or an apple, are common morning treats. Many French diners also love fruit jam in the morning.


A simple sliced piece of toast with butter and jam is a common breakfast meal, along with tea or espresso. It’s important to note that French jam is remarkably flavourful and used sparingly. A simple piece of packaged bread, lightly toasted and buttered, can be turned into something amazing with the right jam. If you’re interested in trying exquisite French breakfast food, like pastries and jam in Sydney, visit us in Northern Beaches for a unique dining experience. See our locations here.

While you can stop and get a croissant (perfect croissant), the lovely chocolate croissant that is so often featured as a French breakfast treat is actually only consumed rarely; French diners are very health conscious, so they save this for the weekend or as an occasional treat.

It’s also important to note that the bread used in French breakfasts may be day-old. However, a quick slicing and a bit of toasting can release the amazing aroma and flavour for which world-class French bread is known. If you’re interested in French toast, you’ll have to wait for dessert.

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Many French diners enjoy a bit of yogurt with their fruit, but cheese is seldom consumed during the first meal of the day. If you’re interested in café au lait, or coffee with milk, be prepared to drink it from a bowl. If you order a cup of coffee in the morning in France, be prepared for espresso.


Breakfast cereal is becoming more popular in France, especially for families with children. You can also enjoy cereal bars, but be aware that many of these are extremely high in sugar, which may or may not work for you early in the day. Portability is a common benefit of cereal bars.


In addition to fruit juice, most French children drink milk. Hot chocolate and chocolate milk are quite popular with kids and adults. If you want brewed coffee, you may need to request an “American” or “black” coffee to get a plain cup of milder-than-espresso coffee. Coffee with milk is quite common, but half and half, the standard coffee creamer, is rare. Finally, chicory coffee and a variety of teas are quite popular.

Breakfast French Way in Sydney Northern Beaches

Light, Quick and Portable

Many cultures who view a big breakfast to be a healthy choice may be confused by the typical French breakfast. Even the name, petit dejeuner, or little lunch, reminds the diner that a bigger lunch is coming. Choosing your favourite French breakfast treat may eventually settle out to find the jam you love best. We’d love to have you join us for a light, delicious breakfast to start your day. You can also order online to have your French breakfast delivered in Sydney.

The typical French breakfast is light, quick and portable. Traditional meals of fruit, yogurt, and toast with a bowl of café au lait can be quickly consumed for energy before heading out to do a morning’s work or play. We’d love to see you at our cafe and would appreciate a review on social media or Google about your experience of a traditional French breakfast.

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When it’s time for lunch, fuel up. The midday meal is considered to be the most important meal of the day in France, so come back for lunch and linger. A bientôt!

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