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Cold Brew Coffee in Sydney Cafe

You could be forgiven for thinking that when someone asks for a cold brew, they’re thirsting for a beer.

But at French Basket, it can also refer to a beverage that’s just as refreshing as a frosty ale or lager.

We’re talking cold brew coffee.

This dose is a more sophisticated descendant of the humble iced latte, which introduced the world to the concept of serving coffee cold. The process for the original café froid is almost identical to that of a regulation cup, apart from the temperature of the milk or water that’s added to the coffee.

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Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee in Sydney Northern Beaches
The popularity of cold brew coffee is becoming popular at French Basket

The cold brew style introduces time and complexity to extract unique properties from the coffee. A serious cold brew is infused with water for at least 20 hours, based on a carefully determined recipe of grind setting, water-to-coffee ratio, and filter paper. Each of these elements can be adjusted to achieve the desired flavour profile of the filtered base. A lovingly crafted cold brew coffee will have accentuated tones of chocolate, caramel, and, just like that other beloved brew, a hint of liquor.
Wait till you taste our cold brew cocktails 🍸 😉

In true French Basket style, we’re very deliberate about this increasingly popular choice. It’s also perfect for a pre gym boost of much needed clean energy.

The process process…

It all starts with the most fundamental ingredient: H20.
To achieve optimal taste and health benefits, our cold brew coffee is steeped with water run over ionized plates to develop a high PH level. Using water with an 9.5 PH level, as opposed to the standard 7 PH, has a tremendous influence of the brew’s ultimate flavour. The rich alkalinity neutralizes natural acids in the grind, softening undertones of bitterness that are generally synonymous with any black coffee.

Following 24 hours of immersion, the result is an incredibly deep, smooth and luxurious palate that radiates sweetness with each sip. Poured over a single large ice cube, our cold brew is an experience all of its own.

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As more coffee aficionados strut their stuff on the Northern Beaches, there’s been a steady surge in demand. Having witnessed extremely strong sales throughout the chilly winter months, we’re looking forward to introducing more locals to the joy of this method as the weather becomes more conducive to a ‘cold brew’!

Customers enjoying cold brew coffee after work
Have you tried cold brew? Try it in our cafes in Sydney Northern Beaches.

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